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The Connect Savannah Best of Savannah 2020 Reader's Poll

A note to our readers: due to the impact of COVID-19, Connect Savannah's Best of Savannah voting has been extended to Sunday, May 3, 2020. We will be announcing a revised winner's issue date soon. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of our community.

Get ready to cast your votes on the best places, people and things you love in Savannah. From music and the arts, to restaurants, nightlife, shopping and the people that make our city a better place to live and work, it's your votes that determine The Connect Savannah 2020 Best of Savannah winners.

You probably know the deal by now, but we do need to remind one and all of a few simple rules. Please note that some of the larger sections, such as Food or Shopping, may need a minute to load all of their awesomeness.

Lobbying fellow readers to vote for certain people and places is all part of the fun, and we encourage that. But just vote once, please! To do that, you need to make a user account. If you've voted in previous years, your account is still here, so just log-in and have at it. Forgot your password? No problem, hit the "forgot password" link in the log-in box and we will send you a new one.

For your ballot to count, you must vote in at least 40 categories.

Voting ends 11:59 PM Sunday, May 3, 2020. Results will be published online and in print on date to be announced.

We know it's a thorough list of categories - there's a lot to cover! But as such, keep in mind you don't have to go through the entire ballot in one sitting. You can do a bit at a time, your earlier votes will be saved and can be added to or edited up until the deadline. So pace yourself!

Put those mad social media skills to work! We've made a handy set of graphics to use on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever! Just grab the 2020 Best of Savannah social media cards from the Best of Savannah 2020 Social Media Kit and share!

Best of Savannah 2020 Social Media Kit

Survey ended May 3, 2020 at 11:59 PM.
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This survey is closed. Thank you for your interest!

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